Prunelax® Ciruelax

Liquid Syrup for Adults

Prunelax® Ciruelax

Liquid Syrup for Adults

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Product Benefits

  • Safe, Effective, Predictable & Natural Laxative for Occasional Constipation*
  • Natural ingredient-based laxative made with Natural Senna.
  • Provides gentle, predictable relief in 8 to 12 hours*.
  • Contains fruit juice. A tasty, easy-to-ingest option!
  • Prunelax® at night, relief at sunrise.
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Product Description

Prunelax® Liquid Syrup for adults is a natural ingredient-based laxative with fruit juice, Natural Senna and Dried Prune Extracts for occasional constipation*. This is ideal for people who have a difficult time taking tablets and prefer a flavorful liquid syrup. Gentle, predictable overnight relief in 8 to 12 hours*. For optimal results, take before bedtime.
  • Natural ingredients

    Prunelax® is an effective natural-origin laxative made with Senna leaves that alleviates occasional constipation*.

  • Soft relief during the night.

    Prunelax® at night, relief at sunrise. Prunelax® provides safe, effective and predictable relief for occasional constipation in 8 to 12 hours*.


At what time should Prunelax® be taken?

Prunelax® works in 8 to 12 hours. For optimal results, we recommend taking Prunelax® before bedtime. Prunelax® at night, relief at sunrise.

For how long can you take Prunelax®?

Prunelax® can be used for up to 7 consecutive days for occasional constipation*.

Prunelax® during pregnancy and breastfeeding:

Occasional constipation is very common during pregnancy and lactation due to hormonal changes. Prunelax® is not absorbed into the bloodstream, so it does not become part of the placenta or breast milk. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, before ingesting any type of laxatives, including Prunelax®, consult a health professional.