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Tips to relieve constipation

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Tips to relieve constipation

Going through many days without going to the bathroom, feeling your stomach is bloated, having pain when defecating or being left with the sensation of not having evacuated fully are things that generate discomfort, pain, lack of energy, which progressively affect quality of life. To improve the unpleasant symptoms generated by constipation, we should maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Changing habits is essential to combat constipation

To relieve constipation and better our quality of life it is necessary to change our diet and physical activity; not just for a few days until the problem is resolved, but by integrating them into our daily routine and making them a habit. Sometimes it is difficult, but little by little certain things can begin to change, for example, including more fiber in what we eat, avoiding fast food and processed food, drinking more water and less coffee, beginning to exercise every day, for example, walking 30 minutes is sufficient. They are small changes that can be done gradually until they become something indispensable in our day to day, which will not be difficult because when you begin to feel better every day and that constipation is no longer a problem, your life will change.

Relieve constipation and better your quality of life maintaining healthy habits:

  • Increase the intake of whole cereals, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Increase your water consumption and other liquids (avoid alcohol and caffeine).
  • Do exercise, 30 minutes per day is enough.
  • Go to the bathroom when you feel like it and take your time.

Laxatives as treatment for constipation

Sometimes we need fast and effective solutions, laxatives are used to treat constipation. An excellent option is to choose a natural laxative; they may contain herbs and fruits, which stimulate the bowel effectively, rapidly, and gently relieving constipation without leaving discomfort.

Natural laxatives such as Prunelax act in two ways: they are stimulants that activate your bowel movement decreasing the transit time; and on the other hand they are softeners, stimulating the secretion of liquids that soften and lubricate feces, reducing the pain that may be felt when going to the bathroom.

Natural laxatives that create a stimulating and softening action, relieve constipation in an effective, rapid, and gentle way without leaving discomfort.

If constipation continues to be a frequent thing in your life after having changed your habits, or if you feel strong discomfort you should consult a doctor so that your constipation case can be evaluated and an appropriate treatment can be prescribed.

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