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Constipation during infancy

Constipation in children and how it can be prevented

Constipation is a common occurrence in children; however, when can we say we are facing constipation as a condition? Some go every day to the bathroom, others do not. Some have soft stools, other have harder stools, but they can still easily defecate. Each case must be analyzed before treating it in order to ensure the child suffer from constipation.

The first steps to alleviate the symptoms of constipation is tomodify their diet adding more fiber and water, their workout, and their bathroom habits.

Estreñimiento en niños y cómo prevenirli

Constipation symptoms in Children

Some of the visible signs of constipation in children are:

Main causes of constipation in children

How to relieve child constipation?

Children’s nutrition is very important, not only for them to grow up healthy and strong, it is essential for the intestine to function normally and avoid constipation.

To incorporate fiber into the child's diet, it is recommended to make dishes that include fruits, vegetables and whole grains. To avoid exacerbating the symptoms of constipation in children, it is advisable to avoid excess cheeses, fast foods, processed foods, meats, etc.

Incorporating fiber in the child's daily diet, establishing a fixed schedule for going to the bathroom and leading an active life are essential measures to combat constipation in children.

If these dietary and educational measures are not enough, it is recommended to consult with your pediatrician to recommend a laxative and other advice.

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