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Let´s go to the sea

One summer afternoon Micey was resting on the banks of the canal. Suddenly she spotted a watermelon rind. Seeing it approach floating through the water, she jumped up. Once upstairs, she took a deep breath of joy as she watched her house get smaller and smaller.

Micey had heard the seagulls say that the waters of the canal flowed into a river, and the river reached the blue and immense sea. Although Mouse was a good swimmer, she knew that her strength would not be enough to go that far. That is why she had been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time. At last, he was going to be able to feel the warm sand under her feet, collect shells and dive into the salty water.

Ratona posa a orillas del canal

The only bad thing was that she had no relatives or acquaintances on the coast. After navigating for a while down the channel, she thought that everything would be perfect if she had company. Friends with whom to share this adventure. Suddenly, she heard voices from the shore.

-Hi Micey! Where are you going? - asked Lizard, who was paddling her feet with Duck and Sparrow. - I'm going to the sea. Do you want to come with me? -Okay! - Lizard, Duck and Sparrow answered, jumping high enough to fall into the center of the boat. They immediately began to sing:

Let us go to the sea
Let us go to the sea
Let us go meet the sea

Micey smiled enjoying the company of her friends. At that moment, they heard Rat calling them from a drywall.

-Hello! Where are you going?
-We are going to the sea
-ah, take me too! Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase!
-We are sorry, but we do not have enough space- Micey replied
-I beg you! All I want is to know the seeeeeaaaaa!
Micey moved her head back and forth, not only because they were full, but because she had heard from her cousin Bat that Rat was very messy.
-No Rat, I am sorry.

At that moment, Rat began to cry with all his might. His screams were heard throughout the valley as he wriggled on the ground as if he were having a heart attack, instead of a tantrum.

-What if we take him?-asked Duck.
-I can’t stand him crying because of us-Sparrow added.
-Where you can fit four… you can fit five- Added Lizard.

-Well ... come up-said Micey reluctantly, as she watched Rat jump and fall into the boat. Thus, they continued their course while the sun hid on the horizon. However, they did not feel cold, because they were imagining the wonderful things they would do when they reached the sea.

Todos los animales navegan en el mar

When the canal emptied into the river and there was little left to reach its destination, Rat felt hungry. He looked around, but found nothing. Then, eager, he put a finger to his mouth and surprise! It was sweet. Without anyone seeing, he ate a piece of the juicy and sweet boat. Suddenly, he saw with horror how a stream of water entered through the hole that he had accidentally opened. He quickly covered it with his front feet, but the pressure was such that not even with his back feet was he able to avoid the wreck.

When the animals realized the disaster, they looked disapprovingly at Rat but it was too late to ask for an explanation. They quickly jumped into the water. Luckily, they were all good swimmers, so they arrived soaked to take refuge on the shore.

-I’m sorry! Rat said with a soft voice. - Being sorry does not fix the disaster, Rat. Now our boat is broken, the night is near and our homes are far away. Moreover, we will not be able to see the sea - said Micey.

The animals, wet and sad, formed a circle on the shore. Although they were still angry at Rat, they were so tired that they curled up to sleep under the watermelon rind. Except Rat, who was looking at the full moon through the hole he had opened. He was trying to think of a way to fix the boat, but he was so tired that after a while he closed his eyes too. He dreamed of his grandmother, who was so forgetful, that even if she tied a knot in a handkerchief when she wanted to remember something important, she forgot what she wanted to remember.

The next day Rat woke them up early. He got on the boat and carefully put his long tail through the hole that he had opened the day before. Then he asked Micey to tie a knot on the outside of the watermelon rind. Then Micey, Lizard, Duck and Sparrow pushed the boat back to shore and shouted with joy when they saw that with this ingenious stopper, the boat was able to float.

-It is never too late to make amends-Micey said before happily Rat with joy. With no time to waste, the friends resumed the journey singing:

Let us go to the sea
Let us go to the sea
Let us go meet the sea



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