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Fourth Story

Peek-a-boo… Who am I

I fly from one place to another
Or on the ceiling I can crawl
I watch you with my 4000 lenses
While sticking on the wall
Who am I?

I am a lonely artist
I spend my time knitting
The finest webs of silk
Where all insects end up sticking
Peek-a-boo …
Who am I?

Máscara menos cara.

I feel your steps on by body
I am thin, blind and deaf
I help plants grow
I dig tunnels without arms or legs
Peek-a-boo …
Who am I?

I am the queen’s subject
Whom I serve night and day
I speak with my antennas
The smell of my companions leads my way
Peek-a-boo …
Who am I?

Hint: Fly-Spider-Worm-Ant



Reading suggestions

Talking about the story

Here are some suggestions for the types of questions you can use to talk during and after reading Peek-a-boo… Who am I.

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Note for parents: These questions help you avoid the yes/no answers, allowing children to ponder about has been read and connect their own experiences to the discussion. This is not an interrogatory or an evaluation. No answer is good or bad. This is an opportunity to have a conversation with your child. Let the answer and also make their own questions.

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