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Third Story

The Inhabitants of My Home

In times of pandemic
I have seen them roam
these strange beings
the inhabitants of my home

In the room next door
inhabits a vampire
doesn't let anyone in
his secret lair
it roams at night
avoiding daylight

A vampire wanders in the next room

In the kitchen
Inhabits a witch
Squeezing the food
stirring the huge pot
on top of a broom
flies from room to room

In the dining room
inhabits a werewolf
connected to headphones
the instructions he listens and follows
his face hides under his beard
not even a smiles seems to appear

A zombie in the room

In my bedroom
Inhabits a zombie
Its breath smells like salami
he doesn't take off his jammies
the other day I felt such rejection
With my own reflection!



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Here are some suggestions for the types of questions you can use to talk during and after reading The Inhabitants of My Home.

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Note for parents: These questions help you avoid the yes/no answers, allowing children to ponder about has been read and connect their own experiences to the discussion. This is not an interrogatory or an evaluation. No answer is good or bad. This is an opportunity to have a conversation with your child. Let the answer and also make their own questions.

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