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The Cat that dreamed with Shoes

There once was a cat
Who dreamed with shoes.
As he wasn’t a doormat,
He admired Puss in Boots.

Looking up to the moon
He meowed his woes.
Why have an owner
If you can explore and browse?

Instead of waiting to be fed,
He decided to earn his bread.

The Cat that dreamed with Shoes

Looking for a clue,
He went to the Zoo.
He first found the turtles
Walking around in circles
The lion was enraged
Because he was caged.
The monkeys were a couple
But still felt in a bubble.

That’s when the cat knew
That freedom is the clue.
With this moment of clarity
He went to find his destiny.

He stopped in Market Street,
To find something to eat.
There he met a girl,
Who had just lost a pearl.
When the cat saw her trial,
He sang to make her smile.
Because what we didn’t know
Is this cat likes to make a show!

The Cat that dreamed with Shoes

The girl played the guitar
And the cat was the star

Everyone who saw them play
Said they should go to Broadway.

Coins and claps were given
To the girl and the kitten.
A store they opened one Tuesday
Flats and boots for every day.



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Here are some suggestions for the types of questions you can use to talk during and after reading The Cat that dreamed with Shoes.

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Note for parents: These questions help you avoid the yes/no answers, allowing children to ponder about has been read and connect their own experiences to the discussion. This is not an interrogatory or an evaluation. No answer is good or bad. This is an opportunity to have a conversation with your child. Let the answer and also make their own questions.

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